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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare [Edit Sept.1,2012]
It's fun reading about different takes on how people reacted to this book. Some people got bored with it, some people downright hated it. And some people, like me, who enjoyed it.

It was fun, guys. I don't care if Clare used ridiculous similes, or that she used almost every plot-twist-element from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc (call it plagiarism if you will), or that Clary is one of the most hateable heroines ever written. It was fun. It was fun reading about demons, warlocks, and faeries. It was fun reading their fight scenes. It was fun watching Jace pursue Clary (although my logical mind knew that this love story was sort of ridiculous considering that they only knew each other for 2 whole months in the duration of the series). It was fun to think that Jace and Clary were siblings and yet they're in love with each other. Incest in real life is gross. Incest (even though it wasn;t really incest) among fictitious characters - amusing. Magnus Bane was fun. Magnus x Alec was fun. I liked how I can easily visualize a lot of stuff Clare was writing about - the fight scenes, the scenery, the faeries and the demons. And so, I can't understand people who got bored with it. For me, it was a welcome break from the stress of real life.

[First draft]
Fast-paced, at times hilarious, with characters - and ships! - to root for, and an incredible plot twist. It was a fun read.