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The Arrangement (Harlequin Historicals #389) - Lyn Stone Everyone has a Harlequin phase, right? Right?

So here I am reviewing another book for the heck of it, because I happen to love this book, a most unforgettable romance from Harlequin, among the hundreds of formulaic romances I read which I promptly forgot the moment I picked up another book.

It's a classic case of a "book calling out to me", considering I don't buy bodice-rippers, I borrow them from friends.

Jonathan Chadwick is a piano genius, also a recluse. He maintains an eccentric facade to keep people at bay. Enter headstrong Kathryn Wainwright, journalist, out to uncover Jonathan's secrets. They meet, there's an attraction, and through circumstances, they arrange to marry in order to save their lives (or something like that).

What I really love about this book is Jonathan and Kathryn's relationship. They became friends, looking out for each other, and also, I loved picturing Jonathan playing the piano. God, I want to learn to play the piano so much! Kathryn is no damsel in distress, and Jonathan is no Heathcliffe. J & K are supportive of each other, and they were funny (I think) and I never felt like the romance was trying too hard. These were two people made for each other, who made a great team, and isn't that what marriage is supposed to be like?

I really wish I could read this again. The copy I used to own is nowhere to be found, and I grieve it still. How on earth am I to find another copy of this among millions of Harlequins, Mills & Boons, etc? I can't.

And I am so frustrated.