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A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) - George R.R. Martin I was very happy to read Dany's and Tyrion's and Jon's POVs again, after their pronounced absence in [b:A Feast for Crows|13497|A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)|George R.R. Martin||1019062]. I never thought it was possible but I fell even more in love with Jon Snow.

It was a more enjoyable read than its predecessor, mainly because of the main POV characters, and because I just didn't enjoy Cersei and the Ironborn ARC in AFFC. I didn't even like the Dorne arc so much, because they are just these passionate, aggressive Sand Snakes who are bent on revenge, and I just don't like that, y'know? I'm phlegmatic. The fact that they see Doran Martell as weak because he didn't outright seek revenge for the death of his sister Elia just doesn't appeal to me. Doran Martell is a schemer, and I count that as stronger than Oberyn Martell's way, which was to seek revenge upon Gregor Clegane, kill him, and die in the process. Sure, Oberyn was brave, but I really hate unnecessarily putting yourself in danger. Some people's least favorite Martell is Quentyn, who gets his own POV chapters in ADwD, but I personally prefer him above everyone other Dorne character, maybe because I can relate to him more. He's ordinary-looking, he just wants a quiet, peaceful life. But he's a prince and much is expected of him so he tries to do what's "right".

It just seems so unfair, though, that he's introduced in the fifth book and dies in the same book. I mean, what was the point? Berric Dondarrion's story and cause was much more significant, but we don't get to read his POV, and yet Quentyn gets his POV? Somebody explain this to me. Which is why I can't really believe he's dead, or else his chapters and his whole character altogether was relatively pointless. Considering that everyone thought Aegon (Rhaegar's son) was dead but is actually alive, I don't see how GRRM can find it difficult to "miraculously" bring back Quentyn. Okay, after much reading of metas, I am now convinced that this Aegon is an imposter. Poor Aegon, though, I really liked him, but maybe he really is doomed. Damn you GRRM! Still, why put Quentyn in there only to kill him off? His entire storyline could've been told through a few paragraphs of flashback.

But I digress. A Dance with Dragons does not live up to its name, interestingly enough. It suggests that Dany will have much to do with her dragons, that she can somehow tame them, so she can ride them so she can conquer Westeros. But, gods, there's really little development. Dany has started this war against Qarth and slave traders, and she's struggling to bring peace to Mereen because she thinks she owes it to these people who call her queen and mother. Which was understandable: how can she call herself queen when all she's left behind is destruction? She ruined all these commoners lives, and she feels guilty about that. So she's busy cultivating peace, while her dragons continue growing, and growing unruly. How she gone conquer Westeros if she can't tame her dragons?

So I think Dany was stuck on a rut there.

Even though I really love the developments on Jon's arc, and Theon's, I still think that ADwD was slow going. Considering that AFFC and ADwD is really just one book, well. It's hard to write sequels, I know. I still feel that AFFC and ADwD contain more fillers than things that actually help the storyline move forward. I mean, come on, they're almost 2000 pages long! And that's all we get?

But what do I know? All I care about is how much I enjoy reading it.