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The Mystery Knight (The Tales of Dunk and Egg #3)

The Mystery Knight (The Tales of Dunk and Egg #3) - George R.R. Martin **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two novellas. For me it served as a way to emphasize even more the significance of the Blackfyre Rebellion to the ASoIaF series. This was all about the Blackfyre Rebellion all over again. Will GRRM ever stop talking about this? Of course not, because it somehow plays a big part in Dany's quest to seize the Iron Throne. Why would GRRM devote more time to the Blackfyre and Bittersteel and secret plots to "put the real descendant on the Iron Throne"?

Maybe it's just a good story to write: Plots and conspiracies to seize power. Court intrigue. These things never end, certainly they don't in Westeros.

In The Mystery Knight, Dunk and Egg accidentally find themselves embroiled in a second Blackfyre Rebellion. Dunk proves he's a lunk here, because once you see someone with purple eyes, how can you not grow suspicious that he has Targaryen blood? Once you read that the hedge knight John the Fiddler has purple eyes and that he's treated higher than a hedge knight deserves, of course he's a friggin high lord! I still love you, though, Dunk.

What I really liked about this novella though, is it didn't follow the usual story of the handsome dashing man as the hero of the story. John the Fiddler or Daemon II might have become the hero, but one could argue he was doomed from the start. I still liked him, though. He wasn't a douche, and when he found out that his followers were bribing the other knights to lose in the tourney so he could win, he remedied that.

Which brings me to Glendon. Initially we find him as an angry young man, pimply, a little stout, and with nothing to boast of but his skills at riding. Not sure how I should feel knowing he payed his knighthood with his sister's maidenhead, but Dunk and Egg liked him all the same, maybe because he was honorable enough not to take a bribe. So I like him.

*3.5 stars I'm not much into subterfuges and plots mainly found here. It wasn't as riveting as the first two books, and it's like the book ended abruptly. But I still liked the development of Egg's character here, and still a worthy read.