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hi, i'm ceecee. my reading interests can be described as eclectic.

i made this account just in case goodreads implodes, but will be eratically updating here.



The Love Letter - Cathleen Schine This book had it's ups and downs. Ups: sometimes the writing was beautiful. You would read a paragraph, or sentence, and it's simply written, but well put together. The love letter in this book was one of the most romantic/relatable letters I've read. I could have written it myself, seeing as how it describes me when I fall in love. Also, the little twist in the end was fun.

Downs: the characters are not that lovable. I wasn't that awed with the heroine, though I liked the hero a bit because he was 'different from other 20-year olds'. But this is not a romance book. Not even in a Nicholas Sparks way. Which is a pity, because I was looking for a romance at the time I was reading this, and it let me down.