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Dmitri - Jamey Cohen I can't believe I forgot about this book. Bad, Ceecee, baaaad.

This book was a pleasant surprise. It is an unknown gem. Look at it, it doesn't even have a synopsis here in GR.* Luckily, I found an image of its back cover.
**The guy is named John Greene, so if I ever read this book again, I'll be thinking of a certain author. haha**

It only has 14 ratings, my poor baby. And only two reviews? I must remedy that!

Let me start off by saying I love History, but History doesn't love me (I just barely passed my history classes). I can't say I'm a history buff, unless you count watching mostly History Channel shows a history buff. So yeah, the premise of the book piqued my interest.

I was thrust into Russian life, into a Russian court intrigue. And since it is based on historical facts, I liked to believe it was true.I grew to love this strange intelligent kid named Dmitri (and I grew to love that name too). I never thought I could like Russian culture, until I read Dmitri.

I loved the time travel, historical, cultural and suspense elements in this book, and there's even a dash of romance in there, I think. It's been such a long time since I read it, so I apologize for such minimal details.

**There is something I can't forget, though. And this might be really helpful to you students out there**

You see John Greene was taking this exam along with a bunch of other students, but when the proctor called "Time's Up", he wasn't finished yet. By the time he got down from the auditorium, the proctor had already stacked the papers and won't receive his anymore.
John asked him,"Do you know who I am?"
The proctor wasn't impressed, and said "No."
John replied, "Good" then hastily inserted his paper between the stack, messed it up, then ran from the room.

**I never did use that trick, though...**

It was a good read, indeed. And it needs more readers! So if you ever find it, grab it, and you might enjoy a trip to 16th century Russia.

* Update: 1/10/13: Having been recently made a Goodreads librarian, I found it imperative to add a book description. :D