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How To Be A Gentleman : A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy - John Bridges, Bryan Curtis I skimmed through this on Booksale and had to keep myself from laughing out loud and encouraging people's judgmental stares.

I could think of a few men who need to learn from this book. Sure, some advice are common sense, but common sense really isn't that common. I had an itch to buy this and give this to a guy I know, but I'm sure he isn't worth the effort money.

Some snippets:
1. A gentleman says "please" and "thank you," readily and often.
2. A gentleman does not disparage the beliefs of others-whether they relate to matters of faith, politics, or sports teams.
3. A gentleman always carries a handkerchief, and is ready to lend it, especially to a weeping lady, should the need arise.
4. A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another personmale or female, young or old, absolute stranger or longtime best friend.
5. A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation; neither does he find such jokes amusing.
6. A gentleman knows how to stand in line and how to wait his turn.
7. A gentleman is always ready to offer a hearty handshake.
8. A gentleman keeps his leather shoes polished and his fingernails clean.
9. A gentleman admits when he is wrong.
10. A gentleman does not pick a fight.