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Cotillion - Georgette Heyer It's the first Georgette Heyer I read, after swearing I would look for Georgette Heyer books and read all her romances (thanks, Susan Elizabeth Phillips).

It plunged me into Heyer's world, and it was a wonderful experience. I found out why Georgette Heyer is the person to go to for a historical romance. Her characters are lively, and don't take themselves too seriously. It would seem like Georgette Heyer makes fun of her own genre by deliberately making the broody bad-boy cynical type of guy most romance novels have for a hero, into the character that doesn't get the girl. How many times have we read this kind of hero? In Cotillion, our hero would typically be cast as a secondary character. He's a dandy (le gasp), whom everyone likes, and seemingly ordinary.

And what I came to love about this book, is how Heyer turns ordinary people into heroes and heroines. Freddy isn't describe as super hot and goodlooking. Kitty is not the most beautiful girl you would meet. It's so realistic. It makes you believe, you, an "ordinary" reader can be a heroine of your own story and find romance as well.

Cotillion is somehow very modern (the way historical romances go), in an old setting. The characters don't lust after one another. It's a neat, sweet and quiet romance, which is a kind of love story I don't usually encounter. And, to tell the truth, reading about perfect heroes and heroines have been making me feel bad about myself. If I have to read about another heroine who is so unconscious about how so very beautiful and perfect she is, I am going to scream.

Kitty and Freddy are such regular and good citizens, I can't help but like them. (Imagine Kitty's horror when she found out what a masquerade ball really was. And I've come across so many romance novels where the heroine meets the hero in a masquerade, only to find out it's an excuse to be sexually promiscuous without ruining your reputation).

Cotillion is a breath of fresh air.