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Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli I think that before the John Greens and Looking for Alaska and what-not, Jerry Spinelli and Stargirl were there. I'm surprised they haven't made a movie for this yet. It's the most basic and simplest story about going against the flow, and of trying to look at things with awe and wonder.

We've seen and read a lot of stories about characters who are 'different' who disrupt the status quo, right? But what the hell, I don't think I'll get tired of reading that kind of story. Because we need to look at the world in a different angle. Look at it, and see beauty and be inspired about it, and let other people see this too.

Stargirl is probably the strangest and most different person you'll ever meet. She sings in the cafeteria with a ukelele, reads the personal classified ads to figure out what to send a person for their birthday, and genuinely doesn't know that that 'isn't done'. She's not like most of us, she's like what we should and can be.

Sometimes, you don't need a complicated and wholly original plot line to tell a good story. And Stargirl is one of those stories.