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Sati - Christopher Pike What can I say, I'm into Hindu/Buddhist/New Age-y concepts and that kind of stuff. Granted, Sati doesn't really tell us anything new, but the things she does tell us, are worth retelling.

"Why be optimistic about the future? Why be pessimistic? Why not see things as they are? The present is always filled with joy, and love...If you were to live fully in the moment for only a moment, the stress and strain of your entire life would be washed away."

“Enjoy your life. No curse hangs over you, nor did it ever. No devil chases after your soul."

“Don't simply knock and wait for the door to be opened. Go look for the keys. Some fit the lock better than others.”

“There comes a time for everybody when words and reasons can become such a great weariness.”

“A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do.”

Yes, I practically copy-pasted the already existing quotes under Sati in GR. Sorry about that.

At times, this style of writing reminded me of Paulo Coelho, but that may just be a coincidence. I read that Christopher Pike is somehow popular the way R.L. Stine is popular, and that he doesn't really have a great writing style, he just makes good stories, which is good enough for me. I've only read one other book of his, something about a teenage time traveller, and it was pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind picking up another book of his to pass the time.

Anyway, I rate this 4.5 stars, because reading it raised the hairs on my arms, and I liked it, and I felt immense peace, which is something very important to me.