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The Invasion - Katherine Applegate Finding the Animorphs series in GR...

Man, this brings me back to the good old days. When kids in my school went to the library to read the newest Goosebumps installment. I remember a pile of Goosebumps books in a table and these boys were sifting through it, because Goosebumps was the thing. I remember the Magic Eye books, too, which leave you cross eyed just to see the object hidden in those optical illusions. These kids went to the library, and it was thrilling, being with other kids that read, or simply checked out books.

Now, when those things died down, Animorphs came.

I have to admit though, that I haven't read these books, because I was too busy reading every bit of abridged versions of Classics the library acquired.(I don't know, I fancied myself an "intellectual" bahahaha) Besides, I didn't want to start a series I knew I couldn't finish, and I wasn't into sci-fi then. I guess, this is a great fandom (when fandoms didn't even exist) that I missed on. :(