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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver [Edit]

Lauren Oliver's writing was lyrical. (It makes me want to read her other novels Before I Fall and Liesl and Po ). The background story for amor delirium nervosa was pretty interesting. The excerpts from The Book of Shhhh were well written and the highlight of the book, for me. Though it's kind of ridiculous to name their Bible as such.

As a story, though, it fell short. I felt like it dragged too much, had scenes that weren't necessary, and that it's sole purpose is to build up, on and on, for a sequel, which I don't like. It's possible to make a really good story with only one book, you know. Also, the love story, though cute, wasn't that convincing.

In the end, I'll rate it 2.5 stars, because it's still better than Hush, Hush (which I just finished reviewing, and I gave that book 2.5 stars previously, but is now 1.5 stars).