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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Yeah, there are thousands of reviews for Twilight. And even though this review of mine won't weigh in much, I'm still writing it for the heck of it.

3 stars means "I liked it". I really did, four years ago when Twilight was all the rage, and soon to become a movie. A friend of mine posted something about wanting an Edward Cullen as a boyfriend. So what kind of person - and bookworm - would I be if I wasn't even mildly curious about this book? I was then very surprised that my classmates, most of whom are reluctant readers, were lining up to read it.

I was ready to fall in love with Edward. And I did, for a while. (Rob Pattinson's portrayal was nothing like I imagined Edward to be, though). Edward had red hair and a playful smile (booya!), plays the piano (double booya!) and is very attentive to Bella (so attentive that he watches Bella sleep which I found really creepy even then). But still, I liked him. He's a hot, rich guy who noticed a plain-Jane Bella. It's wish fulfillment, man. I was totally hooked.

But I utterly disliked Bella, I resented having to read Twilight in her POV because she is so *makes a strangling motion*. I only read Twilight for the Edward parts, and Alice and Jasper. In fact, I hated Bella so much in New Moon that I didn't finish the book. Not even my love for Alice and Jasper would make me get through 3 more books in Bella's POV. Besides, vampires have never really fascinated me.

So there you have it, I liked Twilight. It was fun while it lasted.