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hi, i'm ceecee. my reading interests can be described as eclectic.

i made this account just in case goodreads implodes, but will be eratically updating here.



Sense and Sensibility - Margaret Drabble, Jane Austen Who knows if I might have enjoyed the book more if I had not watched and loved the movie (the one with a dashing Alan Rickman in it) before reading the novel. Certainly, it provided me with much more insights and answers to plot holes which the movie provided, such as Lucy Steele's character and her baffling marriage with a Mr Ferrars.

In any case, I'm glad I watched the movie first, because Austen's lengthy narratives would have confused me and would probably have given me a headache if I hadn't any idea of what the story would be.

I do wonder if people read Austen for the romance, because I think the social commentaries are much more focused on, and the romance takes a back seat.

I have watched almost every movie adaptation of Austen's novels and am most curious as to how the novels played out, especially with Mansfield Park and Persuasion, the two Austens I have not yet read.

Also, I think it funny indeed that I now write and think in the style of Austen's characters, after a week of indulging in almost every adaptation on her novels.

**am i classy now?**
**am i classy now?**