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Petals on the Wind - V.C. Andrews This book is like my Voldemort of all the books I've read. It must not be named.

So maybe I'm overreacting. I needed to write this "review" as a form of catharsis. Gods, I hated this book. It taught me two very hard lessons: first, make sure that the book you're picking up isn't a part of the series where it's not the first book, and second, don't pick up another VC Andrews again. I read [b:Brooke|397439|Brooke (Orphans, #3)|V.C. Andrews||565264] before Petals in the Wind, and it was ok. I found I didn't mind picking up another VC Andrews, and anyways, I'm always seeing VC Andrews' novels in bookstores. Did I ever regret that notion.

I have to admit, it was the fucking your foster father part. The incest sure weirded me out, and Cathy slept with her foster father and her brother. What a fucked up girl. God, this was downright disturbing to my teenage self. But what's even more disturbing? Skimming through the pages, reading here and there, hoping there would be a redeeming quality. I regretted ever picking it up and buying it, and every time I saw it on my bookshelf I cringed. So I burnt it.

I've known people who liked this series. In fact, I had a friend who loved it. But we didn't part because of our difference of opinion on this book. People have different tastes.

But I will always wonder why I don't mind Jaime and Cersei's incest in GoT, but will be absolutely nauseous thinking about Petals in the Wind.

I know it's unfair to judge VC Andrews on this book, but would you want to repeat a traumatic experience? I don't think so.