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Fancy Pants - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I would rate this 2.5 stars at the most. I'm really sorry, SEP. I still love you. Hope you won't hate me.

Maybe it's my cynical side dominating, but "true love" like Francesca and Dallie's is just...a fantasy. I know that romances like SEP's are meant to be a culmination of a woman's fantasies, and meant to be indulged in. I guess this week just was not the week to read a romance. Not even this month.

Francesca was born rich and beautiful, and raised to believe that all you needed in life was to remain beautiful. But all it's done is cause her trouble. She doesn't understand the concept of real life, so when she suddenly becomes a pauper, she has no idea how to go on. Conned into starring in a cheap vampire movie, she lands in America, where, after walking out on her shooting, she meets Dallie on the road. The two don't like each other, but the physical attraction is undeniable.

[I'll have to expand on the plot later]

In short, though, there were lots of storylines, and jumping POVs, some of which we could have done without. SEP has created this perfect world with flawed characters, which I should have loved, except I'm such a Scrooge nowadays. It was too perfect. Or maybe I just didn't want to read a love story involving a lot of gorgeous people. It's like the only people who can have such happy endings are the good-looking ones. Now isn't that a blow to me.

It could have been better without all those sub plots. Only at the end did I really feel giddy with all the fluff, and actually laugh at their antics. Having read a lot of SEP, I get the feeling that she writes better with every new book, and Fancy Pants is one of her earlier works. She really gets better and funnier as time goes by. SO if you're reading this, and haven't read SEP yet, do try [b:Breathing Room|373607|Breathing Room|Susan Elizabeth Phillips||1434730], or [b:Match Me If You Can|73089|Match Me If You Can (Chicago Stars, #6)|Susan Elizabeth Phillips||2617385] or [b:Natural Born Charmer|73064|Natural Born Charmer (Chicago Stars, #7)|Susan Elizabeth Phillips||1615880] or my personal favorite : [b:Ain't She Sweet|373606|Ain't She Sweet|Susan Elizabeth Phillips||2538].