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1984 - George Orwell, Erich Fromm I have got to stop finding books that seek to nourish my "intellectual" side. At this period of my life, I need hearty novels, not intellectual ones. Though if the novel manages to affect me emotionally and intellectually then that's a novel I need to find.

In the world of 1984, the Party controls the past, and thus, man. It's a world where the Upper Class stay high, and keep the power. I don't understand much how they did it, but they managed to make people believe in lies, even when they were so blatantly false - "doublethink". Their slogans:


Every move is monitored and any small suspicion of going against the Party, you are tortured and/or eradicated. It's a world where emotion is expunged, individuality is shunned, and children betray their own parents, and the parents are proud of them for it.

It's horrifying.

I'm rating this based on my enjoyment of the book, thus the two stars. Like I said, all this cerebral-ness just isn't my cup of tea lately.

For sure, I loved the ideas in this book. Winston Smith's struggle against the Party is relate-able and poignant. Thus his utter defeat in the end is frustrating, and generally speaks to all of us: If you don't want what happened to Winston happen to you, don't let it.

The world may not turn out exactly like in 1984, but at the heart of it - the hopelessness of man - just may be possible, or is possibly happening. In fact, when O'Brien said that the proles (or the Lower Class) will never revolt, I just about agreed with him. Isn't that's what's happening now?
If there was hope, it lay in the proles

Hope lay in the proles the Lower Class because they are the most numerous. But will they ever wake up? Will we ever achieve the Utopia?

I just came to realize how utterly satisfying my life is, to be able to write this down, read what I want to read, and learn what I want to learn. We still have freedom. We won't achieve Utopia. There will always be an Upper, Middle, and Lower Class. But there will always be humanity, too, and there will always be hope.

*2.5 stars. Great concept, brilliant ideas, but I didn't enjoy the writing.