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Aimee - Mary Beth Miller
People who have come close to seeking death don't understand its promise of an end to life's struggles. They don't understand the precarious teeter-totter on which a suicidal person balances, shuffling reasons to live and reasons to die, back and forth, to avoid hitting rock bottom. They don't understand that when you're that low, when you can't see beyond yourself and your fallen-apart world, it's the little things that send you over the edge, not the big things.

Suicide is such a hard topic to write. Or even discuss. There's always some resentment, ill-feelings, of the ones left behind. And for quite a time, I struggled to be on good terms with this book. After reading the underwhelming Thirteen Reasons Why, I was a bit skeptical reading books about suicide, and I wanted to find out if Aimee was better than the aforementioned well-known book.

And then I finally began to understand. Sometimes, the promise of an end to life's struggles through death can be so tempting. When people are so low, they cannot see beyond themselves and their desperation. Should we hate our loved ones or acquaintances that committed suicide and left us behind because they were so weak to help themselves?

In Aimee, Miller has managed to capture the voice of a torn teenager, who has just lost her best friend, and who believes that she was responsible for her death. Don't we all blame ourselves one way or another for another person's death? Zoe, the narrator, used to be happy, though not without problems of her own. But Aimee's death changed her life, and accounts for the dark tone the book follows. Everybody believes she helped Aimee kill herself,and eventually Zoe is cut of from her friends and old life. In Aimee, Zoe will have to face her struggles and reconcile herself with her friend's death.

I think this was a very good book on suicide, albeit my limited experience with books about troubled teens. I'm only giving this 3 stars because I'm a rainbows and sunshine kind of girl, and this book was dark and angsty for me.