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A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb To sum up my feelings right now:


Seriously. It's unlike any I've ever read, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

It started out just fine. Helen is a 130 year old ghost, cursed to haunt this earth for a reason she hides from herself. She clings to hosts, and it has taken her to different places, until the day she met another being like herself. You'd think that ghosts can see other ghosts, but, no, Helen has passed her time alone and unable to feel or talk to anyone.

This was an incredible and intriguing concept to me, and the reason I wanted to devour this book as soon as I can. Helen then meets James, a Light being like Helen herself, who had been haunting for years, alone, until he sees a boy, dying from a drug overdose, and took over his body.

Now, the first part was pretty alright. I loved how these two people, er, ghosts, met after long years of being alone and lonely, and fell in love. How can they not? If you really like stories where the two protagonists were "destined to meet", then I think you'll like this one.

Things spiraled out of control when we find out that the bodies that James and Helen eventually take over have troubled lives. It just seems that they can't be together as humans. There are all these conflicts. And then, there were the mysteries of Helen and James' past lives, and the reason they can't enter heaven. A lot was going on, and I felt like they didn't coalesce.

I really like endings where everything is tied up neatly, if not happily, and this one just felt...rushed. And it was definitely not tied up neatly. What about Mr Brown? His reputation was ruined. He'll eventually have to resign from teaching and move to another town, but his name will always be tainted by a crime that he didn't commit. Dammit. Give Mr Brown a little justice! urgh

Also, how is Jenny going to reconcile with the fact that she had sex without her knowing and remembering it?

In the end, I think this book didn't end up like what I expected it to be. The romance was not my cup of tea. I was shocked with how irresponsibly James and Helen used Billy and Jenny's bodies, and probably ruined the lives of those around them. But other concepts, like the idea of God and his reasons, and the idiocy of people who cling to religion, were points that I liked.

The romantic in me would give this 4 stars, but the rational part in me, which dominates, deduces one star because of how everything was handled quite callously.