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Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë Yes, it's melodramatic. Yes, the narration can be confusing if you don't pay much attention (which is why I couldn't understand it the first time I read it). And yes, Catherine and Heathcliff are two quite unlikable characters, it astonishes me that two selfish people can find "true love", and what's more, they get a twisted but happy ending.

But, man, I can proudly say that Wuthering Heights is a great novel. The greatest? No. But definitely high up there. Maybe along with Romeo and Juliet, because it reminded me of my reading experience with this book. Both books are misunderstood/have plenty of misconceptions, and even I was victim to their misconceptions. Both have unlikable characters who get their "happy ending" in the afterlife, and people either hate em or love em. Both I really liked despite my previous prejudice towards these books. And both I really respect for the way they were written. I just frickin love books with a way with words. (see added quotes). I may be a weirdo who likes reading the classics, but for sure, I do not praise all of them. Or maybe it's because I'm so weird that I like this book. It does have some weird development between the cousins Hareton and Catherine Jr. And it's different because the characters are anti-heroes.

Weirdness + Well-written = Must be my cup of tea. lol

What I really loved most was these characters' passion. Being a phlegmatic person, I was very much entertained by these people whose natures are nothing like mine. They love and hate violently. They can like a person instantly, and in just a few hours, after a slight insult, hate them (in Catherine Jr's instance). And all this passion, from a practically sheltered Emily Bronte. Charlotte Bronte said something about her sister's writing: that it was raw, with a child's innocence (not her exact words). Truly, Wuthering Heights is an unforgettable novel. I'm glad I read it again as an adult, when I can appreciate it.

*4.5 stars