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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion If there's anything Warm Bodies taught me, it is that when I survive a zombie apocalypse I will definitely ransack museums and steal original works of art to display in my bedroom. That includes Van Gogh's paintings, perhaps Seraphine Louis' paintings, and if I'm really ambitious and superhuman, I'll take Michaelangelo's David. Who's with me?


I never thought I'd get into zombie novels. Heck, I'm such a scaredy cat, I didn't watch horror movies unless I was strongly coerced by my friends, and that didn't happen often. The only zombie movie I watched was 28 Days Later, and that was because Cillian Murphy was in it. Nowadays, I'm not so squeemish, I mean, I did enjoy The Cabin in the Woods.

Who knew zombie novels can be allegories of society? I didn't. I sometimes feel like a zombie myself, or think that the people around me are zombies - not living, merely existing. This zombie Forget vampires, ghosts and werewolves, zombie novels are where it's at!

R was witty and introspective, and that was alluring. Who wouldn't want a guy like that, even if he was a rotting corpse? Okay, okay, it's not for everybody.... Of course, R had to be gorgeous once he was cleaned up, so...let me eat up that man!(If you know a better term for "eat him up" let me know).

What I liked about Warm Bodies is that it didn't focus on the metaphors(I have a sneaking suspicion that it's a given in zombie books), it was philosophical but also really entertaining, not to mention the Beatles references.

I grin. "Hello."
"What are you doing here?" she hisses, trying to keep her voice down.
I shrug, deciding that this gesture, while easy to abuse, does have its place. It may even be vital vocabulary in a world as unspeakable as ours.
"Came to . . . see you."
"But I had to go home, remember? You were supposed to say goodbye."
"Don't know why you . . . say goodbye. I say . . . hello."

Man that cracked me up.

Thanks to 28 Days Later, I was able to imagine vividly the kind of world R lives in, and I just loved reading about those renegade zombies whose emotions are being stirred, but could only manage a grunt when R decided to chase after Julie and these apathetic beings decided to help him.

*5 stars It was weird, with bursts of profundity, with characters that are not typical. Despite the parallels between Romeo and Juliet and Warm Bodies (R is Romeo, Julie is Juliet, M is Mercutio, and Nora is Nurse..blah blah blah, who didn't see that coming?), R and Julie are far from the angsty, lovestruck, and ultimately tragic Shakespearean pair.

I am looking forward to reading [b:The Reapers Are the Angels|8051458|The Reapers Are the Angels (Reapers, #1)|Alden Bell||12707063] which I read was pretty awesome as well. Oh, and the sequel to Warm Bodies, of course.