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Okay for Now - Gary D. Schmidt I hate Doug Swieteck.

I hate what a chump he is, that he's a bundle of insecurities, conflicts, trying to be a tough guy, but really he's soft inside. You can't believe how much I dislike "bad boys", I can't believe Doug could make me hate him so much. Here's this troubled kid, with quite a shitty dad, a troublesome brother, thank God he has a wonderful mother,and this new kid in town, Doug, no one likes him, he's not exactly Holling Hoodhood, but he's a really good kid. A really good kid. And that's why I hate him so much. He makes me care about him so much. Do you know what that feels like?

If I haven't become a full fledged fan of Gary D. Schmidt in [b:The Wednesday Wars|556136|The Wednesday Wars|Gary D. Schmidt||2586820], I certainly have become one in Okay For Now. You can just tell from the title that there's gonna be heartbreak in this story. *Spoiler alert* Yeah, there is.

But, you know what, there's gonna be solace, too.

Doug Swieteck is a very endearing kid. I loved his voice. And though I saw elements similar to The Wednesday Wars, it was alright. Disney manages to produce films with the same elements, and yet we flock to their films over and over again. They make one feel good.

Like in TWW, Schmidt used forms of art - literature, poetry and paintings from [b:Birds of America|155842|Birds of America|John James Audubon||150379] in Okay For Now - to mirror the protagonist's conflicts and growth as we read through the story. I have to say I love that style. I've always wanted to write in that style, because it's true: Art mirrors Life.

Schmidt knows how to write delightfully flawed characters. And the gem of this book was Doug.

*7 stars One of the most delightful heroes I've read. I can't believe I could find another guy I like more than Holling, but I did. Prepare to dislike or utterly hate Doug for it.

**P.s. If you haven't read [b:The Wednesday Wars|556136|The Wednesday Wars|Gary D. Schmidt||2586820], then what are you waiting for?