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Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr *2.5 stars On one hand I really loved the faeries. Their strange and enchanting descriptions (e.g. he fills the room with sunlight - literally, she leaves icicles wherever she walks on, etc.) could really suck you in. I am so into that. I was initially hooked on the Seelie Court ever since I read them in City of Bones.

On the other hand, the premises were a little far-fetched and I could not care for Ash or Seth or Keenan.

So Keenan is the son of The Winter Queen and the late Summer King. Keenan is the new Summer King but he can't rule as a Summer King without a Summer Queen. But then why isn't there a Winter King to the Winter Queen? Or a pair of monarchs in the Dark Court and Seelie Court? It's only in the Summer Court where they need a King and Queen? And how on earth did the evil Winter Queen and late Summer King get it on, and produce Keenan in the first place? The Winter Queen, Beira, is all evil and only wants to rule the world in perpetual winter, but the real world seems as normal as ever, tit didn't seem affected by this Summer Court vs Winter Court thing which has apparently gone on for hundreds of years.

On top of that, Keenan needs to search for the Summer Queen all these years, who is a mortal, and it could be anyone. How does he even choose one? Like choose one random girl and hope she's the one? And then when the girl is unknowingly chosen, she apparently becomes a Summer Fey and she can't return to mortality. So she's basically doomed to become a faery, without her consent, unless the prospect of being a faery eventually warms up to her. And then there's this test where the girl chooses or not to take some staff to see if she really is the Summer Queen, but she can choose not to take the staff, because she'll risk being a Winter Fey - all cold and dead-looking - if she isn't the One. Also, Keenan has to court the girl and make her fall in love with him, but if she isn't the One, she basically becomes a member of his harem. Forever.


I only read this because I had been given [b:Fragile Eternity|5152561|Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely, #3)|Melissa Marr||5219564] as a birthday gift and I thought I couldn't understand that book if I didn't read the first book first. However, I don't think I got much from Wicked Lovely. Everything I read in WL was pretty much hinted at in the first few pages of Fragile Eternity. There wasn't even any in-depth explanation of how ALL THIS came to be. Which was what I was hoping for.

So yeah, in conclusion, I loved the creation of the faeries, but not everything else.