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Just Listen - Sarah Dessen I was actually wary of reading this one, because the friend who introduced me to Sarah Dessen was not that enthusiastic about her works. And yet, Sarah Dessen is apparently a big name in the YA genre. I've already read a John Green book (so-so), and now I thought I should finally read a Sarah Dessen. Besides, I was looking for a book which incorporates music (I still am), and Just Listen was up there in top recs. *

It started out okay. I think Annabel is relatable. It was pretty difficult, though, since I had to sludge through a lot of detailed narrations of the most mundane and insignificant things. That part I didn't like. I could have been saved a lot of pages to read.

I liked Owen and I'm happy he helped Annabel overcome her avoidant personality.

As usual, the ending got me. Usually, my impression of the book is based on how things were resolved. Too bad the resolution was after 85% of the book. I had to sludge through 85% conflict (like I said were just mundane narratives), and the resolution in the last 15% of the book?

It was a really good ending, though. One that satisfied me enough to make me really like the book. I think it really would be a good and worthy read for young adults. I liked the issues presented in the book, the sexual assault, the anorexia, etc. I didn't quite expect they'd handle the theme of music like that. It was okay. But another theme is change, and I loved that.

* p.s. if you happen to know a really good book which incorporates music (classical preferably) in an astonishing way, then please do let me know. I'm always up for a rec.