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hi, i'm ceecee. my reading interests can be described as eclectic.

i made this account just in case goodreads implodes, but will be eratically updating here.



We - Yevgeny (Eugene) Zamiatin I'm pretty sure most of what it's supposed to tell me went over my head. But I can tell there's something great in there. At least it was better, or rather, I enjoyed it more than [b:1984|5470|1984|George Orwell||153313], the latter being more popular, I think, but a bit too familiar after reading WE.

*2.5 stars I'm really sorry I didn't want to delve deeper into it. Maybe one day.

And that concludes my goal of reading the Big Dystopian Threesome. (Although I may have to reread [b:Brave New World|5129|Brave New World|Aldous Huxley||3204877] again because I only read - and loved - the abridged version?)