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Life of Pi - Yann Martel Update:01/28/13 Just watched the movie version of this, and I gotta say: While I was reading the book I wondered how big that boat was. Thanks, movie, for clearing that up. Awesome movie, made a few but acceptable changed, except in the end, when instead of the author researching about the Japenese interview, Pi hands him the transcript. But I see that a lot of people liked the movie, so, eh, what the heck. You gotta love the tiger, right?.

Update:06/21/12 There's gonna be a movie for this. Woah. They should of just titled it Pi. Honestly, how can you attract an audience with a title like Life of Pi. I love this book, but the title isn't one of its strengths. Hohoho. Anyway, looking at the trailer, I'm kind of skeptical. They made it look like Pi and Richard Parker became friends but that isn't so.And yet, it's almost worthy to watch just for the part in the island. But of course I'll watch it whether or not it's good.

I don't know why, but I've always liked books that end well. Or, the ones I most remember are the ones whose endings were remarkable. Life of Pi is one of them.

I got interested in reading it because of the God-thing, and I'm really interested in spiritual fiction.

I must say that some parts were dragging, the first time I read it. Reading it through again, I am better able to appreciate this novel. Some parts were funny, especially the part where the three godly men find out about Pi's participation in 3 religions. I found myself agreeing with Pi, it doesn't matter which religion you practice, it's all about loving God.

It was full of wisdom and humor, and Pi's narration did it very well.

And then we come to the ending. What a twist! It turned my world upside down. And I began to question my own sanity. It hit me, it impacted me, and I would never be able to forget it. And that's why it's one of my favorites.