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A Feast for Crows - George R.R. Martin *3.5 stars And after 2 months I finally finished it. Wasn't really thrilled with the introduction of new POVs, so I guess that's why it took me so long. IMO, this series could need a bit of a trim. It was still enjoyable to read about the world of Westeros and Essos and everything, but if this goes on, I will despair that I won't be able to read the end of this series. And you know how much I need canon, and closure. Now with all these characters, how will Martin ever wrap their storylines up?

Henceforth will be a bit of detailed commentaries on characters/storylines. Spoilers may abound.

The Iron Islands - Not really a fan of pirates, so I didn't enjoy this arc. It was enough in the previous books where the goings-on in the Iron Islands were mentioned in passing, but we still got the general idea. The general idea of it is, they elected their new king via a king's moot, which I thought was a bit similar with the Entmoot in [b:The Two Towers|15241|The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)|J.R.R. Tolkien||2963845]. It was an interesting sort of democracy, where they vote according to who offers the most pillages of gold, jewels, etc. Which I thought was not dissimilar to my country's form of democracy.

Anyway, was it really necessary to devote those chapters, just to make the point that these pirates know about Dany's dragons, and Euron has the audacity to think he can make Dany his wife and take her dragons so he can rule Westeros? I am looking forward to how Dany will smash this evil bastard.

Dorne - It was nice to read about Dorne, and Myrcella. But again, it makes the series too damn long. The more characters I know, the more I know how hard it is to read them die.

I am liking how Dorne ties up with Dany, just like with the Iron islands arc. My theory is Quentyn is Daario in disguise. Hopefully I'll know soon, In ADwD.

Cersei - Ugh, she is such a Bitch. I know how some fans like her because she's this woman fighting against the prejudice regardng the female sex,etc etc...but she is evil. She was utterly unlikable. She thinks she's clever when she's not. Basically everything Tyrion says about her is true... Strong female character? Not sure on that one, but she is unmistakably a villain and most likely irredeemable. And btw, Cersei, it's not Margaery who is the young queen you should be wary of, it's that girl Across the Narrow Sea who has three growing dragons! I love how everything comes crashing down on her in the end [of AffC].

Jaime - As much as I like and want the Jaime and Brienne ship to happen, I don't think it will. Jaime's still hung up on Cersei, although that was a nice gesture he did in the end. I am starting to really like Jaime.

Sam - That was confusing with the whole tie in between the Prologue and the last chapter. Did I read all that many chapters just to be in the exact same predicament: Wondering who the hell was that shady alchemist in the prologue?

Btw, congrtas for the sex, Sam, my buddy.

Sansa/Alaynne - I'm starting to think Sansa is the better version of Cersei, both using feminine wiles to survive the game. I have no idea why Sansa is not freaked out by Petyr kissing her - a lot of times! - the pedophile. Although I really like Petyr, he's clever and evil and without conscience but he doen't hide the fact that he's a dick, because he's too damn useful to the Seven Kingdoms. But still, Sansa is pretending to be Petyr's bastard daughter and Petyr, her "father", kisses her! This is some weird shit I guess I'll have to tolerate.

Arya - I suppose it is very fitting that Arya should, in the end, arrive in a place where they worship Death. After all, Arya learns from Syrio Forel that there's only one god: Death; And with Jaqen once again Arya learns the power of Death. It's still surprising that Arya ends up in a temple, though, becoming somewhat a monk or Silent Sister. She ends up in some very unexpected places, but not altogether unpleasant.

Brienne - WHAT. THE. HELL. No, Don't tell me she died. Or that Podrick died. Or even Hyle Hunt, who I was beginning to like, and I was beginning to ship Hyle x Brienne too!

Brienne is supposed to reunite with Jaime! And Podrick should be Tyrion's squire again! *Rolls on the floor in severe tantrum mode*