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The Book Thief - Trudy White, Markus Zusak Warning: This review is highly unreliable because of the sheer adoration I have for it.

Sometimes there are books that are meant for you to come across. I browse through hundreds of books in bookstores, in libraries, in friends' homes, yet only a handful catch my attention. And some books are disappointments, some are pleasant surprises. Some books change your outlook on something, and you didn't see it coming.

I certainly didn't see it coming when I decided to read The Book Thief. In usual circumstances, I would never have looked twice at this book. The cover isn't all that appealing, and what could possibly happen in a book about, well, a thief of books? The blurb "life-changing" certainly made me wary because not all good opinions can relate to everyone. What's more, this was set in the Holocaust period, and I'm not a fan of that genre. Kind of sets you up for heartache, that genre does. So why did I read this?

It's such a good thing the first sentence alone drew me in. And I have not regretted being lost in its pages.

So really, for the most people I know who hasn't read this book yet, I say, give it a chance, and give it time.

I had never read any book that handled words so simply and yet beautifully. I slowly fell in love with the characters, and Zusak just makes you care about them. I think it's a testament on the skill of the writer to make you care about his characters; and to spoil the ending for you and still render you devastated when the end comes. Really, it was like a hand grabbed my heart and squeezed it. Squeezed it so hard that blood ran through their fingers. I don't even like to cry on novels, but by God, Zusak had me in the palm of his hand.

I had never loved a book so much, for surprising me, and showing me that there are gems hidden in a book if you're fortunate enough to come across it. I wanted to nurture this book, watch it grow and maybe be buried with it. I want to buy every possible version of this book and it has to be available in my alma mater, and a lot of people should know about its existence. I...I can't say it enough. I love it.

When I think back on the book, I think of The Book Thief.

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”