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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor It's actually hard for me to rate this. On one hand, Days of Blood and Starlight surpassed Smoke and Bone [to me], on the other hand, Laini Taylor kept ripping my heart out again and again, and I cannot like it. I cannot like getting to know a character, liking them, rooting for them, only to have Taylor kill them off.


Or do I?

Is this a friggin ASoIaF book? Because it seems like that. Letting me read all these POVs, and then killing them off. One time, all in a space of a chapter. It's amazing actually, how Laini Taylor did that. Introducing a character I really liked, only to find out he was just a plot device and I had to find out he dies. UUUGGGHHHHHHH.

And that ending.

All the time I was like.


But she did. Not cool, Taylor. NOT COOL. So now I'm pretty devastated. And hooked at the same time. What are you doing to me, Laini Taylor???


I'm getting way ahead of myself, though.

Days of Blood and Starlight follows the events in [b:Daughter of Smoke & Bone|8490112|Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)|Laini Taylor||13355552], when Akiva and Karou separate ways, to each save their people. Inaccurate little synopsis I have there, because they really broke up in the end of Book 1. And it's so refreshing to be able to read this book, which didn't focus on the romance of the two protagonists for once. Instead, I was treated to the romance of Karou's buddies Zuzana and her Mik. (YAY!) Is there a more adorable couple than Zuzana and Mik. I wanted to hug them and kill them at the same time for their cuteness, omg. I WANT MY MIK. WANT WANT WANT.


This book focused on the pains of war. Of Karou's internal conflicts to right what she believed she wronged, in the face of her grief. Of her struggle to stay true to what she thinks she needs to do. And also in Akiva's side - the struggle to change what is being done. To stop this accursed and stupid war. These two are saving their world from each end. Or at least, trying to. *ALL THE AWARDS TO LAINI TAYLOR FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!*

*5 stars. I think it really does deserve 5 stars, despite that heart-ripping, twist-loaded, WTAF-inducing, frustrating ending.

HAZAELLLLLL!!! The worst death ever! Why Hazael? Why did anyone have to die? Ugh, I was half in love with Hazael, Laini! And you killed him! I died a thousand deaths!
Ziri! What? A love triangle that's not really a love triangle? Ziriiiiii, let me hug you....
Ugh, JAEL! Ugh, why couldn't Akiva have killed him too? UGGHHHHH
For a moment there I really thought it was THE WHITE WOLF. Like WTAF. And then it wasn't. Twists upon twists upon twists. I died a thousand more deaths.
THANK GOD, it wasn't Ten.
Seraphim and Chimaera finally working together! Akiva and Karou, I know you're gonna get back together! Earth being invaded by angels! The plot thickens...

I stayed up until 2AM to finish this thing, even though I just got off work 3 hours ago.

P.S. Dear [b:Dreams of Gods & Monsters|13618440|Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #3)|Laini Taylor||19221595],
Will you please come sooner? I'm dying here.