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The Wednesday Wars - Gary D. Schmidt I've been putting off making a review for this. It's really difficult for me to make a review of a book that blew me away. It feels like a few words can't justify this book, or couldn't articulate how much this impacted me, or no one would appreciate what a delightful book this is.

In the meantime, I'm just going to show gif reactions, if you don't mind. But in case you do, I'm hiding it under a spoiler tag.
At first I thought this was too juvenile for me so:

But then I was like, hey this is kinda funny.

What with the bad things that happen to Holling, I thought, omg my poor baby

Using Shakespeare's plays to mirror Holling's coming of age:

(Okay, that might be a little too much, but, eh.)

And then Holling and Meryl and the Romeo and Juliet arc

And Holling's friends standing up for him:

“Whatever it means to be a friend, taking a black eye for someone has to be in it.”

And the part with Holling and his sister.

I felt so proud for Holling ang Meryl and Danny and Mai Thi and Mrs Baker and Mrs Bigio and all those characters

(mah babies!)

This is what I felt like, holding this book after finishing it:

This is what I felt:

And this was what I wanted to do:

It's just such a feel-good novel.

Even when bad things happen, it's okay in the end. And I am so into that. I think this is one of those novels that you appreciate more if you're an adult. I hope teens and kids read it and love it, yes, but it's one of those mature novels disguised as a children's book. It's why, as an adult, I love reading these juvy novels.

*7 stars