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Underdog - Markus Zusak As much as I love Markus Zusak, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted to.

Of course, after reading The Book Thief, nothing compares. And I understand that this being his debut novel I can hardly expect something as grand and heart-wrenching as The Book Thief.

Underdog is just about a boy and his ordinary life, and also his aspirations. It's almost autobiographical in writing style. There's no Big Baddie, nor a big climax. Just a book about the head of a 15-year old boy.

Cameron Wolfe is a sweetie, sometimes I couldn't believe he was real. (Yeah, he's fictional, but you get it). The thing is, there just wasn't more to the story. By the end, very little has progressed. The parts in every end of chapter where Cameron narrates his dreams didn't make sense to me, and didn't seem to lend much to the plot.

*2.5 stars In the end, it was "just okay". Although we do get to read Zusak's style of writing and kind of learn how he grew as a writer, which was a treat.