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Divergent - Veronica Roth

I can definitely see its appeal. This is about breaking labels because we cannot be just "smart" or "brave" or "kind" or "selfless" or "truthful". We can be all of that. So the very premise of Divergent, that, long ago after a bitter havoc, America (?) decided to separate people into only 5 factions based on one main virtue is just so ridiculous. SEGREGATION HAS NEVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA. Who would ever carry out this plan, in a not-too-distant future??? You can't isolate one personality trait and disregard other key traits. In Harry Potter it was kind of cute to belong in a House with a main characteristic, but it was still foolish to think that a Slytherin can't be kind too. And Hunger Games also had a ridiculous premise, but I enjoyed that book. So I just went along with Divergent. [shrug] Okay.

And it was alright to suspend my disbelief for a while. Beatrice was a not unlikable heroine. I enjoyed her making friends and slowly understanding herself. And *ahem* falling in love. Who wouldn't fall in love with her hot instructor? Although even the romance part didn't quite get me in the way that I like to be caught.

Overall, it was okay. I felt that the issues handled in this book, like breaking conventional labels was good. Some of Beatrice's (I don't like calling her Tris)friends were from other factions but proved to be open-minded, kind people and not brimming with prejudice, so that was nice. Also, I loved Four and Beatrice together

Even though they expressed their feelings too soon, IMO. It was just wrong timing okay.

(show spoiler)

But I still felt like how Beatrice handled her issues, of fear of losing control, of striving to do the right thing, was somehow lacking and could have been better.

I was frustrated by that ending. I know that in a war, casualties will be made. But, gah, I'll just hide my rant behind a spoiler tag.

First of all, I thought the Erudite were smart, so how could they not perceive that there were a lot of Divergents? In the first place, I find it hard to believe that there are so few Divergents since people have complex personalities! Like I said, the whole premise is ridiculous. And surely if they suspected Beatrice of being Divergent, then they would have picked up the tell-tale signs of her tests going awry and they could have spied on her harder? And the whole serum thing is too convenient and quite frankly they should have guarded the control room better. *mutters* Stupid villains.

Second, BEATRICE KILLED HER FRIEND LIKE OH MY GLOB. She spares her enemy then kills her friend like WTAF. I think Beatrice's reaction to it could have been better written. But I'm starting to think it could be attributed to shock, and I might see more of her PTSD in the next book.

Third, and most important of all, during the battle, it was Beatrice's goal to save the Abnegates and to not waste any more time. That's her excuse for killing her friend. BUT when she was confronted with Tobias/Four, she couldn't kill him and opted to be killed instead. HOW YOU GONNA SAVE YOUR PEOPLE IF YOU'RE DEAD, BEATRICE? I think that was a really big flaw, especially since she didn't know that brainwashed-Four wouldn't pull the trigger, right? All because of luuuurrrrvve. Gag.

*P.S. I also did not like how Beatrice disobeyed her mother's advice to keep to the middle of the rankings. To lie low and to avoid getting noticed. What did Beatrice do? She ranked number one. [Facepalm] She totally did not internalize the gravity of her mother's warning. How hard was it to stall for a few minutes in her fear simulation since she can manipulate the simulation? No, she had to do it in the easiest and fastest way. Ugh.

(show spoiler)

*2.5 stars It was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great either. I constantly got that nagging feeling that it could have been better.