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The Grand Sophy

The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer Even though I recommend this for Jane Austen fans, I must say Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen shouldn't be compared.

Georgette Heyer's novels are simply entertaining, with none of the serious social commentaries that Jane Austen supplied, though her writing style I think is as much sophisticated (and oh-so-English) as Austen's.

The Grand Sophy is my favorite Heyer so far, because it's the one that entertained me the most, particularly Sophy and Charles's chemistry. These two were made for each other. At first I didn't suspect that Charles was the hero in the story, because how could I think that Sophy's cousin would be her future husband? But after I got over that little bump, I thoroughly enjoyed Sophy's and Charles's antics. After all, they did practice marrying first cousins back then, and one of the most romantic real-life marriages for me was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's.

It's a first-rate Heyer (at least for me, since I've only read 9 of her romances so far, and I intend to read all). I recommend all romance readers to read at least this Georgette Heyer.