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Friday's Child

Friday's Child - Georgette Heyer Sherry and Hero are idiots (Sherry most especially!), but I love them. Also, Sherry is the hero, and Hero is the heroine. Just a nice little fact I like to throw in there.

Sherry, or rather - Anthony Verelst, Lord Sheringham - is a fun-loving, selfish but good-natured young man, who can't wait to get his inheritance. Only thing is, he has to marry to get it. That premise sounds ridiculous even to me, now that I've read what I've written. But hear Georgette Heyer out: Marriage will mostly likely curb Sherry of his overindulgence. Of course, all Sherry cares about is to get control of his own inheritance, so, in a fit of pique, vows to marry the first woman he sees.

As luck would have it, he sees Hero Wantage, the girl who has adored him all her life since she was eight. In true Heyer fashion, we are taken into a romp through this couple and their friends' ridiculous escapades.

I love how Georgette Heyer creates her characters. Just look at Sherry, who is no dark and brooding man, but a regular young buck, a reveler and very self-indulgent. He is just like any other young man you could have met had you lived in the Regency era. And only Heyer could have made a hero out of that.