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Natural Flights of the Human Mind

Natural Flights Of The Human Mind - Clare Morrall What if you were responsible for taking away the lives of 78 people? And what about the lives of the people they left behind?

These are just some questions tackled in the book. It's a story about redemption, forgiveness, and the unlikely people you meet that help you bring back together the pieces of your life.

This book was a pleasant surprise for me, considering I only bought this book because it was really really cheap, and I bought it so I wouldn't be embarrassed at not buying a book in a bookstore, and also I was desperate at the time to find a fresh book to just read.

And the book was like a breath of fresh air for me. The subject matter is not the kind I actually look out for. I mean, redemption? Forgiveness? Hardly a popular topic, at least to me. But Morrall wrote it so it was kind of a mystery as to how Peter Straker could feel responsible for the lives of 78 people, and how they all died, and even Imogen Doody's mysterious past and what happened to her husband.

I guess it tackles more on the not knowing. Not knowing how your irresponsible act affected the lives of the people. Not knowing that today is going to be your last day. Not knowing whether or not the person you loved is dead or just missing. Not knowing how your life is entangled with your unexpected friend's life.

It was handled very well. Imogen and Peter's friendship was an unlikely one, but sometimes it is the most unlikely people that change your life. It's the beauty of forming friendships.

I look forward to another Clare Morall novel.