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Unteachable - Leah Raeder On hold, currently at the 40-50% mark.

(although how many years will it be before I finally pick this up again, I wonder?)

I thought I could get into "New Adult". NA is supposed to be about the trickiness of being an adult, how to handle colleges, family, relationships, idk. That is what New Adult is about, right? Haruki Murakami's novel "Norwegian Wood" comes to my mind, which accurately portrays the difficulty of becoming an adult, but then, it was slightly depressing, but brilliant.

All I saw here was a romance. And I am so picky with romance. To be fair, this was really well written. The prose was nice. The problem is, I just couldn't care about Maise and Evan. Like, they're in love, okay. You meet this person for a short while, feel an instant connection, okay. Like, it doesn't hurt that these two people are gorgeous, so of course they can instantly be attracted to each other, okay. However, as the story progressed, I couldn't feel the chemistry, and I wondered how their love story could be made believable.

Maise was likable to a point. There are plenty of 18-year olds who are aware of their sexuality and use that for their means and I'm okay with that. And I really like that she has these ambitions and opinions about film making. And, yes, she is 18 and an adult. But if I dreamed of getting into a good film school, would I risk my senior year in high school - risk the scandal of an affair with a teacher - just to be with this man I barely know because I feel something akin to love for him? I wouldn't, but that's just me. What I couldn't get into was Maise's "I'm pretty even though I don't wear make-up while the other girls are commercial beauty types" attitude. See my statuses on this.

And Evan is really something altogether. A dreamguy. Too good to be true. Like he is soooo considerate of Maise, while Maise hasn't done much for Evan yet. Although there must be an explanation to how fucked up he is, but I just didn't get to that part yet.

All they've done so far are sneak off to kiss and have sex (and they're well written and numerous love scenes, btw), and maybe their relationship will develop into something much deeper, I suppose, but I just don't care anymore. I don't feel like rooting for these two people like I did with The Sea of Tranquility, so I'll just put this on-hold. And the books I usually put on hold never get read again, but, we never know, right?